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DumbDumbDaddyo the Book

 When we were young and my Dad would do something stupid or embarrassing  he would say to us kids, "Call me dumb dumb daddy-o" and we would all  scream DUMB DUMB DADDYO DUMB DUMB DADDYO!!! I was the youngest of four  kids and I never really got to see the young man, I only remember the  last twenty years and unfortunately they were some pretty rough years.  Dumbdumbdaddyo is an attempt to discover who my father really was before  heart attacks and strokes started to take him away. 

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Vivus: The Sick Freaking Nightmares of the Amazing CPAPman

 Vivus. The back story to Vivus is a chilling first person narrative of  death and recovery. Stuck between nightmare and reality Vivus survives  multiple near death experiences and what he brings back from the other  side is both beautiful and terrifying. Neither Hero nor Villain Vivus  lives a perfectly normal life, but when he dies at night experiences  extraordinary metamorphoses. Subtle superpowers set Vivus apart in this  first book of what promises to be an epic fictional series.Vivus, The  Back Story is intended for mature audiences and contains graphic  violence, sexual violence and innuendo, nudity, and suicidality. Coming  soon: Vivus Lives. 

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Capturing Beauty

 A Photography book that captures the beauty of Colorado's Western Slope.  Created in loving memory of his sisters who taught the enduring life  lessons of appreciating the beauty in everything and everybody, sharing a  love for life, and living every day as if it may be your last. 

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The Dogs the Tree and the Hill

 A beautiful Western Colorado dog tail. Follow these dogs as they seek to  find their place in the world. Beautiful photography. Breath taking  scenery. Find your tree. Find your hill. Capture the beauty. Frame it.  Post it. Publish. From the Wonderful Life of William Penrose. Tyler,  Emma and Tucker are an extraordinary pack of dogs. This is a beautiful  book for young and old alike. 

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Tucker: The Big White Fluffy Dog

 Tucker is the big white fluffy dog everyone wants to pet! Beautiful  photography of Tucker and his brother and sister. Tucker has a simple  way with words. He lives in Colorado with his brother (ten year old  Golden Retriever) and Emma (7 year old Golden Doodle) they get to run  free in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Great for children and adults  alike. Great bedtime read for the little ones. The pictures are breath  taking and Tucker tells an enduring story of his life as a dog. 

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Tucker: Tucker Learns Good English

 Everybody loved my first book, Tucker The Big White Fluffy Dog, but one  critic on Amazon let me (Tucker) know that grammatical errors are  something even a dog should not make. So I asked my sister Emma the  Golden Doodle to teach me good English. My brother Tyler the Golden  Retriever is helpful in a lot of ways, but grammar is not one of them. I  hope you enjoy this book and learn as much as I did.I learned some  rules of good grammar and now I speak English very well! 

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