Tucker The Big White Fluffy Dog



Tucker The Big White Fluffy Dog


I don’t talk too much because I am a dog. People talk too much. My dad talk’s too much. He talks all the time. I understand some of the things he say. I love when he say, “Wanna go for a WALK?” It so much better than when he say, “No, you have to STAY.” I hate when he say, “No you have to STAY.” But when he say WALK it can be pretty great!

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Hi I’m Tucker. My dad took this picture. He’s watching something called the Super Bowl. I like watching him watch football. It brings out the boy in him.

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The Dogs, the Tree and the Hill


First there was Bootsie, then Pepi, then Sam, then Suzy, then Henry, then Gracie, now Tyler, Emma and Tucker. So blessed by the dogs who have raised me. My life has always been filled with copious amounts of mad dog love. Living with a dog or as part of a pack is how I choose to live.  

Being responsible. Being able to respond. Being Response Able takes practice. Caring for another, caring for a dog is a huge responsibility. You are responsible for feeding and walking and cleaning-up every mess they make. Until it becomes an expression of love it will be hard work. Throughout my dog mastering experience the dog gives way more care, feeding and love to his forever friend than the master to his dog. I believe a human is incapable of giving love so completely like a dog. The intensity of their love is hard to articulate. My daughter said the other day when her mother bemoaned the short life of dogs, “It’s just them dog years Momma…” Dogs are living life seven times faster than us. “The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” Blade Runner.   

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my wonderful life with dogs. 

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