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My Work Experience

I am currently a consultant for Humana in Provider Engagement. I was previously a Quality Improvement Advisor for United Healthcare (RMHP). I was a General Manager for a tissue and organ recovery services company. I was a representative for Pfizer and Sanofi selling bio-pharmaceutical products. I was also a representative for Sysco, US Foodservice, and Pitney Bowes. I was a food and beverage manager at The Hotel Jerome in Aspen and operated ski lifts for The Aspen Skiing Company in Snowmass, CO.


My Skillset

I am a story teller and published author. I have strong interpersonal and communication skills.  I am an experienced public speaker, master of ceremonies, keynote speaker, facilitator, advisor and consultant. I am optimistic, enthusiastic and empathetic. I have a good sense of humor and the ability to turn things around. I am adept in the science of improvement.  


My Passions

I have a passion for improvement. I love to capture beauty with photography and writing. I am passionate about being a good husband, father and dog dad. I ski, hike, bike, play golf and love being outside. I love reading. I enjoy blogging and social media. I play guitar and write songs. I am passionate about finding my voice and helping others find theirs. My purpose is to serve. My goal is to find truth and seek meaning.

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